Fundraiser for Sathya Uddhyan School

Sathya Uddhyan is a residential school in a rural part of Lalitpur in the Kathmandu valley for at risk children.

Before the Earthquake the kids were living safely and thriving in their school building. Picture below shows them making origami animals.


The 2 major earthquakes on April 25th and on May 12, 2015, forced the children of Sathya Uddhyan to abandon their cracked rental boarding home and to go live in tents.

playing scamble playiing carrom Created with Nokia Smart Cam Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Let’s bring back their smiles and creativity at Sathya Uddhyan. Please

or buy t-shirts to help rebuild the boarding school

Sathya Uddhyan (The Garden of Truth) was established in 2007 as a drop – in center for the children of waste collectors and abandoned or displaced children of drug addicts from Kathmandu. Since the parents lived in squatters the kids did not have proper hygiene, clothing or resources to fit in the mainstream school system. Moreover, the kids were reluctant to go home after the drop- in hours due to neglect and abuse and parents were eager to leave the kids at the Center for extended hours. This gave Ms. Rashmi Kafle the motivation to establish Sathya Uddhyan as a boarding school for these kids.

Before the earthquake there were 40 residential children, getting education based on human values, a safe environment to live in and healthy vegetarian meals, among other things. This displacement has forced some students to move back ‘home’ and rest are under the tents with limited activities.

In a disaster of this magnitude these vulnerable children are more at risk of being exploited. Already we are hearing news of possible child trafficking and exploitation in the country. These kids urgently need a safe place to live so that they do not fall prey to exploitation.

The funds will be used to rebuild the boarding school on the land that the school owns in Bugmati, Lalitpur. We have engineers that have volunteered to help with the design work. Also a group of other volunteers will work to plan, organize and construct the school building.

Your help by purchasing these t-shirts or your generous donation will be highly appreciated. All proceeds from the sale of these T-shirts will go 100% to Satya Udyan towards the construction of the school building. We will keep you updated regularly on the progress of the school and the children at the Sathya Uddhyan.

Thank you very much for your generosity.

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