Pink Fish with Painted frame


The Janakpur Women’s Development Center (JWDC) is a co-operative organization comprised of  women artists from Janakpur and surrounding villages in southeastern Nepal.

For centuries, the women in this region have produced artwork by painting on the walls and floors of their earthen homes. The paintings are rooted in traditions, which ‘Maithil’ women have passed down through generations. JWDC has been instrumental in preserving and developing this transitory but exquisite form of art.

A strong core of women artists meets six days a week to create art in papers, fabrics, handicrafts and ceramics.


Size: Approximately  10 x 16 inches

Description: The fish painting is done on a hand made ‘Lokta’ paper using acrylic paints. The frame for the painting is made up of paper mache and hand painted by women artists of JWDC. The designs they make are form their daily life experience and local birds and animals that they live in harmony.

It has 2 hanging hooks on the back.