Get Involved

We need your help in creating a market for our female artisans in developing countries, as they do not have a voice in the global economy. If you would like to get involved in any of the three avenues listed below, please contact us.

Host a Trunk Show

We'll send you a variety of products, then you can pick your favorites and host a small party for your friends, mom's group, sorority, church, or community. Style our garments and accessories, and learn about the women who made them. After the party, return the items that didn't sell to us, along with payment for those that were purchased. You can earn profit for yourself by marking up your selected items be 30% of the amount listed on the packing slip. We request that the items are sent back within one month of receiving them.



If you would like to volunteer at one of the 3 Partner Organizations please send us an email. We can out you in contact with them directly. Thank you!


Donate to a Project

Sunavworld dreams of a day when it can sponsor an artist to travel to US and have face to face interaction with the customers who so love their products. If you want to donate to sponsor an artist travel please contact us. Thank you!